Jorge Campos comes out in defense of Gerardo Martino

Former goalkeeper Jorge Campos came to the defense of El Tri’s coach, Gerardo Martino, who has been criticized for the poor performance of the national team in the days leading up to the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In an interview with Star+, the current commentator for Televisión Azteca indicated that the shaky performance of the Mexican team does not rest solely on the shoulders of the coach and criticized the excess of foreign soccer players who play in Liga MX.

“Martino, not at all (if he is to blame for everything). Everyone goes against the coach, but he hasn’t been here for 15, 20 or five years. Where are you going to get players with 10 foreigners (on a team)? They said he should call Atlas players, but that team won the “bicampeonato” with eight foreigners and four Mexicans”, he pointed out.

Campos went further and assured that the current generation of soccer players that make up the national team does not have the necessary quality.

“How is this Tata’s fault? Everyone is against him and he doesn’t know what to say or comment, because the players aren’t at the level they should be. Anyone can be named to the national team, because if they stand out for two weeks the coach can see them. You have to trust him, because he has been a manager at the World Cup with other teams”, he said.

Jorge has full confidence that El Tri play will change radically as soon as the World Cup in Qatar 2022 begins.

“The World Cup is totally different from the qualifiers and it’s another world. You have to be prepared for those games and you have to hope that he can do what he has done with other teams. I think we will do well and think about what is comes. We are three years old”, he mentioned.

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