Jordan Love gets major boost before taking the Packers’ starting job

Love Jordan, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

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Things are looking up for Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers with the return of Tom Clements.

Although the Aaron Rodgers era of football at the Green Bay Packers may soon be coming to an end, the future is much brighter than expected for Jordan Love.

This is because the fourth-year pro from Utah will continue to work with quarterbacks coach Tom Clements for at least one more season. Clements will return in 2023 to continue as quarterbacks coach at Matt Lafleur. The former Notre Dame star spent 11 years on Mike McCarthy’s Packers coaching staff from 2006 to 2016. Rodgers loves this guy.

Either way, having Clements back for another season is a huge boost to the Packers’ entire offense.

Tom Clements remains the Packers QB coach. Big win for Jordan Love if the new rookie in 2023.

— Zack Kruse (@zachkruse2) March 10, 2023

A change in the training of the midfielders could have made things more difficult for Loew if he were to start.

Jordan Love is getting a big boost with Tom Clements’ return to the Green Bay Packers

With this being Love’s fourth pro season, the Packers will want to see what they have under center at some point. If Rodgers leaves and ends up playing for a new team like the New York Jets, expect the Packers to do everything they can to ensure love success. If he’s successful in his first extended run as Green Bay’s starter, the Packers will be just fine.

Although LaFleur is an attack-minded coach, his offense at the Packers has been more running-based since he took the reins of the franchise. Given that Rodgers is Rodgers and can play to the best of their ability, the passing game has been good for the most part. However, a depleted receiving team and the uncertainty of the quarterback position may present some challenges for Love.

Expectations will be hampered a bit, but the whole process can’t fall apart just because Rodgers decided to play elsewhere. With Clements still around, it gives another familiar face to Love to work with should he ascend to the QB1 throne at Green Bay. Either way, retaining one of the best minds of the past quarter-century is a huge plus for the entire team.

If Love is their new man, how well he gets along with Clements will be even more important.

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