Jimmy Garoppolo rumors: 2 teams emerge, but where’s the best fit?

Jimmy Garoppolo already has a pair of suitors in the lead up to his unrestricted free agency.

You’d better believe that Jimmy Garoppolo will have plenty of suitors destined for his free agency.

Garoppolo has shown in his NFL career that he is one of the guys and can put together a solid team to multiple playoff victories. He might just be a bridge at this point in his career, but when you’re as handsome as he is, who really cares? Either way, Garoppolo’s time with the San Francisco 49ers is coming to an end, but he will be called up by several teams in his NFL free agency.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday morning that the Houston Texans and Las Vegas Raiders will be on their way, as will likely be the New York Jets if they can’t land Aaron Rodgers.

When the free agency negotiation window opens in less than an hour, the Texans and Raiders are expected to go after the 49ers’ former QB Jimmy Garoppolo, according to league sources. Airplanes can also enter, but they are on standby and watch now.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 13, 2023

So between Texas, Silver, Black and to some extent Gang Green, who is the best fit for Jimmy G? Let’s discuss.

Jimmy Garoppolo free agency rumors: Texans, Raiders, Jets are all interested in him

The most important thing to understand here is that Garoppolo has a strong relationship with the three coaches involved. Was with DeMeco Ryans last year in San Francisco. Josh McDaniels was the offensive coordinator during his New England Patriots days. Robert Saleh was the defensive coordinator for the 49ers prior to Ryan. All three clearly know what kind of player and person he is.

Personally, Garoppolo kind of works anywhere. He seems like a really good guy and one of his team mates would play hard for him. Honestly, Houston is probably the most convenient for two reasons. The roster isn’t great and the Texans are taking the franchise’s quarterback spot at number two. Why would Garoppolo willingly sign up to be raped in a year’s time anyway? Las Vegas is the best.

Garoppolo has never been afraid to play in an insanely competitive division. He’ll be the fourth-best quarterback in the AFC West, but he’s competed against Russell Wilson for years in the NFC West, so that’s nothing new for him. More importantly, McDaniels is an offensive-minded coach and Garoppolo needs to go into a franchise where that kind of structure is crucial to him.

While he’ll be working in New York as well, I’d kind of like to see Garoppolo be the 21st century version of Ken Stabler in silver and black. Derek Carr is a slightly better quarterback than he is, but you never felt like he was one. It’s not his fault, it’s just who he is. I think Garoppolo would be a great addition in Las Vegas, no matter what the Raiders plan to do with the eighth pick.

Ultimately, teams will take a chance on Garoppolo because of the way he plays at the time of the win. He’s a selfless leader, and I think he’ll play well for a lot of teams. It was never talent that kept his stock low, but rather his ability to stay healthy for an entire season. He serves the Raiders to bring him in, and try to recruit Will Levis or Anthony Richardson.

Jimmy G leading Silver and Black out of the tunnel must happen for many reasons.

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