Jets star sends massive hint that the Aaron Rodgers trade is finally done

New York Jets star Garrett Wilson has dropped a hint that the Aaron Rodgers trade is finally complete. The Packers legend may be taking his talents to New York.

Was Aaron Rodgers traded? I don’t know. I really can’t report that.

Is there someone knowledgeable suggesting that Aaron Rodgers has been traded? certainly! I can tell you with absolute certainty.

First, Trey Wingo mentions that the Packers-Jets deal for Rodgers is basically complete, becoming the 100th person this week to do so.

Rodgers has been heard for the Jets. History is about to repeat itself between New York and Green Bay. Time is actually a flat circle

— trey wingo (@wingoz) March 13, 2023

Our national nightmare is finally over. or is it?

Just minutes later, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport sadly ruined the afternoon, saying, “No, Rodgers wasn’t dealt with.” Not now anyway.

It’s official. nobody knows. Time is a flat circle.

NFL rumours: Have the Jets been traded for Aaron Rodgers?

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson appears convinced the trade for Aaron Rodgers is complete. Wilson is arguably the biggest beneficiary of Rodgers’ transfer, as he will have one of the best quarterbacks in all of football thrown at him. Wilson’s fantasy football stock would go through the roof — not because he cared about my team, or anything.

The Ohio State producer suggested a deal was struck, saying he could go back to his vacation time. I wish it were that simple, Garrett. I really.

I can finally enjoy my holidays now.

– Garrett Wilson (@GarrettWilson_V) March 13, 2023

You see this smile on me

– Garrett Wilson (@GarrettWilson_V) March 13, 2023

are you smiling Because I sure as hell am not. Even Bryce Hall is in it.

Yes, I get paid to write stories about the NFL. No, I wasn’t told I’d be writing 15 Aaron Rodgers articles over a long weekend.

Rodgers will be dealt with one day. Maybe it will happen today! That wouldn’t be cool!

No. 12 is on a power trip in the wake of Tom Brady’s retirement. It is his turn to drag us through the mud, and he does so without any regard for human life.

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