Jets defender finally burns cheesehead, sending SOS signal to Aaron Rodgers

Warning: Do not attempt the following at home. Aaron Rodgers’ decision to join the Jets will not be influenced by your personal wit.

The New York Jets had long been stranded on an island, “the island of sunken playoff hopes and enduring disappointment”. Stranded for years without a reliable starting quarterback, Sauce Gardner was left with no choice but to use his last resort: burning the head of cheese and hoping Aaron Rodgers would follow the scent.

The reigning defensive rookie of the year, along with the rest of the Jets, has been ruthless in his pursuit of Rodgers. Earlier this week, Green Bay Packers quarterback Gardner promised he would “burn the head of cheese” if Rodgers came to New York, referring to the staples of the Packers fanbase that Gardner wore last season as the “in your face” gesture the Jets beat Green to. Bay in the 2022 regular season.

Well, Gardner made good on his promise last night and burned the head of the symbolic cheese in hopes of reconciling with Rodgers and persuading the veteran to join the Jets this offseason. If he wants to get Rodgers’ attention, he should.

Gardner proves his loyalty to fellow Jets prospect Aaron Rodgers by melting cheese

In a video uploaded to Gardner’s YouTube channel, Gardner joins 2022 junior team Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall in a cheese-burning celebration.

Gardner channeled the energy of “No Fun League” by doing the responsible thing and using a fire pit to burn off the head of cheese – Smokey would be proud, but Jets fans might have expected more from the dazzling show.

As if burning a head of cheese wasn’t enough, Gardner makes his personal, earnest appeal to Rodgers for four minutes in the video. Staring into the camera, Gardner begged Rodgers to come to New York so the Jets could win the Super Bowl, and added some other cool incentives like having pool parties in his bed.

Will Gardner’s hiring incendiary stunt actually pay off? The star cornerback has certainly taken an unorthodox route, but one could say that Rodgers himself is a bit of an unorthodox enigma.

Rodgers, who recently emerged from his dark retreat, has yet to make a public decision about his future in the NFL. The burning of Gardner’s holy cheese head, complete with melted “sauce” oozing from the fire and a glowing portrait of Gates’ friendship may help Rodgers finally see the light.

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