Jerry Jones is forcing an unnecessary issue for the Cowboys

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a delusional guy who recently said he thinks the team can keep both Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard.

In today’s edition of “What’s Going On With the Dallas Cowboys,” owner Jerry Jones proves he’s really out of touch and continues to frustrate fans.

The Cowboys are reportedly set to tag the franchise to Tony Pollard if no extension is reached by Tuesday’s deadline, a recurring rumor that has been circulating for several weeks now.

Pollard will earn nearly $10 million on the franchise tag in 2023, and his tag likely means Ezekiel Elliott will have to find a new home. Unless, of course, you’re Jerry Jones and think that rostering two talented contestants for a total cap of $20 million next season (with an extreme restructuring of Elliott’s existing deal) is a smart idea.

After reports that the Cowboys were going to tag Pollard, Jones was asked his views on the matter and said Dallas could find a way to retain the two running backs in 2023.

Jerry Jones still desperately wants Ezekiel Elliott to remain a Dallas Cowboy. He thinks they can make it work financially to keep Tony Pollard and Elliott around

— John Machota (@jonmachota) March 4, 2023

Jerry Jones is out rockin’ with the latest comments on the Cowboys’ RB Room

Why doesn’t Jones just accept the cold, hard truth? It might be financially possible to include both Pollard and Elliott, and of course the Cowboys will want Elliott back on the team next season, but it’s not a wise decision.

Pollard acquired Elliott to become the Cowboys’ main priority at the running back position, ranking first in the NFL in 2022 in yards per touch (5.9 yards). Elliott, on the other hand, has stumbled his way through his worst season ranking at the bottom of the league in several efficiency statistics.

The seventh year signed a six-year extension in 2019 and will cost Dallas $16.72 million for the cap, the second-largest cap achieved in 2023. Elliott said he’s open to a pay cut to continue playing ball with the Cowboys, however the Space Wizards are in Dallas can’t do much.

It would ultimately be in the franchise’s interest to fire Elliott with a post-June 1 set to save him roughly $11 million in cap space.

Leave it to Jerry Jones to make the situation more complicated. Assemble two elite racers for a massive hit, swap to form CJ Stroud…. What other thorny ideas will Jones come up with with this offseason?

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