Jamaal Williams says heartfelt goodbye to Lions after signing with Saints

Jamaal Williams has become a fan favorite for the Detroit Lions over the past two seasons, so saying goodbye after signing with the Saints will feel satisfying.

If you had told the majority of Detroit Lions fans that they fell in love with the Green Bay Packers, they would probably have made fun of you for whatever building was occupied at the time. But fast-forward to Wednesday with the return of Jamal Williams, who signed to Detroit after leaving Green Bay in the 2021 season, and has now left the Lions for the New Orleans Saints in free agency.

Williams signed a three-year, $12 million deal with the Saints on Wednesday, shortly after landing former Detroit Bear David Montgomery on the open market.

In the wake of the news, the newly minted Motor City fan favorite expressed his sincere fondness for the city, the organization and the fans as he said goodbye to the Lions on Twitter.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all the Detroit fans and everyone except Hidden Den Village 🙏🏾 I’ve grown so much since those two years and I appreciate every experience I’ve had with everyone I’ve come to meet while I’ve been there.

— Jamal Williams (@jswaggdaddy) March 15, 2023

Jamaal Williams’ farewell to the Lions will tug at the hearts of Lions fans

Not only was Williams extremely effective on the football field to help idolize himself to the fans in Detroit, but his tackles and dribbles off the field also helped. Whether it’s his affinity for anime, his love of Pokemon, his raw emotions, spending time with fans at training camp or after matches, or a series of other things, he’s really won over the town and his fan base.

That departure seemed likely in recent days, despite both the franchise and player showing interest in the reunion. Finally, Montgomery could potentially be an upgrade, but he’ll have big shoes to fill going forward given how likable Williams has become.

If one thing is for sure, fans in the Big Easy will soon have a new favorite once Williams enters the building. Even if he doesn’t lead the NFL in touchdowns again, there’s more to Jamal Williams winning for you than that.

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