Jalen Ramsey hypes up Dolphins secondary: ‘Best group I’ve been a part of’

Jalen Ramsey is absolutely thrilled to be linked with Xavien Howard for the Miami Dolphins.

Recently acquired defensive back Jalen Ramsey has talked brilliantly about playing alongside Xavien Howard for the Miami Dolphins.

Ramsey said on the podium Thursday in his introductory press conference upon joining the Dolphins that “on paper, this is the best group I’ve been a part of, but we still have to prove it.”

Keep in mind, Ramsey was a star player for the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars and the 2021 Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. Those teams had great defenses, but there is no doubt about it, he and Howard are arguably the best quarterbacks in football. With Mike McDaniel entering the second year after a promising first season in the NFL, it looks like Miami is building something special, well.

You can see in Ramsey’s face how really excited he is to be back in Florida playing for Miami.

Jalen Ramsey on Dolphins Secondary: On paper this is the best group I’ve been a part of but we still have to prove it.”

Ramsey said he and Xavien Howard are the best CB duo in the NFL. They texted each other randomly throughout the day saying how crazy they were teammates.

– Cameron Wolfe (@CameronWolfe) March 16, 2023

Ramsey may be a native of Nashville, but he played college ball in state at Florida State.

Jalen Ramsey from the Miami Dolphins minor league after being traded there

There’s clearly a lot to like about Miami entering 2023. The Dolphins cracked and made their way into the postseason the year before. Even though they were the No. 7 seed, they gave their archrival Buffalo Bills everything they could handle for Wild Card Weekend. Not bad for a team that has rarely participated in the Asian Qualifiers this century. The addition of Ramsey indicates that this will not be a one-off.

With Buffalo’s Josh Allen at his prime, the New York Jets hopefully trading for Aaron Rodgers and the New England Patriots giving Mack Jones an actual offensive coordinator this time around in Bill O’Brien, you better believe Miami needs to be strong at the back-end of his defense. Historically, defense hasn’t been the issue for them, but the average quarterback has played since Dan Marino’s retirement.

Not to say we need to put all our eggs in the Tua Tagovailoa basket just yet, but it seems more than serviceable, assuming it’s healthy. The Dolphins had the third-best quarterback in the draft class, but the 2020 group is an excellent team nonetheless. If Jordan Love plays to his draft level with Green Bay, the entire quarterback class could go 4-for-4.

Right now, Miami’s got a future Hall of Famer who’s still in his prime to fully thrive in high school.

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