Jalen Carter’s NFL Draft stock takes another hit with lackluster Pro Day

Is it time to worry about Jalen Carter being named the best in the NFL? The Georgia defensive tackle suffered during a disappointing pro day and could see its stock continue to crash.

Jalen Carter may not have personality issues, but he may have weight issues.

The top draft weigher was reportedly nine pounds heavier on Georgia’s pro day on Wednesday, having gained a significant chunk of weight since his last NFL weigh-in two weeks ago.

Most analysts consider Carter a top five draft pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, yet this new information about his physical health could deal a blow to his precarious stock.

On Georgia’s pro day, Carter weighed 323 pounds and only participated in positional drills, which was already a concern.

In front of a crowd of NFL scouts and coaches including the Atlanta Falcons’ Arthur Smith and Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin, Carter choked — he ended up failing to finish the position exercises because he was “convulsing and breathing so hard.”

Jalen Carter gains weight after NFL combine, dealing with stamina issues

At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Carter did no field work in front of scouts at all and instead only took measurements and interviewed teams.

Prior to the combine, Carter was arrested for his involvement in a mid-January auto accident that killed Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and recruit Chandler Lecroy.

Months after revelations revealed ESPN’s Todd McShee about Carter’s supposed “personal issues” by his Georgia teammates, pundits and analysts now have another reason to slam the star’s defensive tackle.

His inability to finish rehearsals for the position on a pro day and his decision to withdraw from all other activities begin to dull Carter’s outlook, no matter how impressed he may be of a talent he may be at the start of the year.

The top of the draft plate is currently comprised of teams in need of quarterbacks in the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, which reduces Carter’s chances of being drafted within the top three picks. Once seen as a No. 1 prospect overall, the chips have fallen in all the wrong places for Carter this month.

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