Infantino wants ‘One Love’ armband issue resolved before Women’s World Cup

England captain Leah Williamson donned the ‘One Love’ armband as the Lionesses triumphed in all three matches in the recently played Arnold Clarke Cup, and the Arsenal player also announced her intention to wear the armband at the 2023 World Cup in Australia/New Zealand with the competition underway on the 20th. July.

The appearance of the armband again has become a source of questioning as FIFA President Gianni Infantino confronted the media following a weekend International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting in central London where the Swiss stated he was committed to avoiding conflict over OneLove armbands at the Women’s World Cup, promising to Get the site in place before the tournament begins.

A number of national teams at the Qatar 2022 World Cup for men, including Denmark, Wales, England and Germany, were planning to support the campaign that promotes inclusivity and opposes all discrimination.

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Chloe Kelly and Leah Williamson from England Warren LittleGT

Their captains had planned to wear a armband with the OneLove logo, but the teams backed out when FIFA threatened sporting sanctions – expectedly a yellow card for the captains.

Infantino was asked about the OneLove badges after a meeting of football lawmakers at the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

He said: “What I can say on the matter is that I think we all went through a learning process there [at the Qatar World Cup].

Gianni Infantino

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Gianni InfantinoDPA via Europa Press

“What we’re going to try to do better this time is to look and seek dialogue with everyone involved – captains, confederations, players in general, FIFA – from all over the world to capture different sensitivities, to clarify, to share, and to see what can be done to express a position, a value or a feeling.” someone without harming anyone else.

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