Harrison Smith has perfect social media celebration after re-signing with Vikings

Vikings safety Harrison Smith is staying at Minnesota for 2023, announcing his decision to stay with the team in pretty epic fashion.

Purple rain is falling in the NFC North – The Minnesota Vikings just restructured safety Harrison Smith’s contract to lock him up for at least the 2023 season.

After days of the Vikings waging a hat-trick bloodbath that saw the likes of Patrick Peterson, Eric Kendricks and Adam Thelin climb to the guillotine, the franchise has opted to keep Harrison Smith in its plans for a competitive future.

The 34-year-old safety signed a $64 million extension prior to the 2021 season making him the second highest paid safety in the NFL at the time; Now, Smith has restructured his deal and will earn $8 million for 2023.

Smith could have celebrated his new deal with a simple tweet, but he chose to channel a music legend who hails from Minnesota: Prince.

Before Smith redone his deal, a Vikings reporter texted him his thoughts on his future at Minnesota, and the six-time Pro Bowler responded by sending him a picture of the unmistakable icon.

When I recently texted Harrison Smith #Vikings safety to ask about the status of his contract, he simply sent this photo of Prince. Since Prince is such a Minnesota icon, I asked him if that meant he was walking around. But I haven’t received any response.

— Chris Thomason (@christomason) March 14, 2023

You probably don’t need to follow up on a question there.

Harrison Smith honors icon Minnesota Prince and ends up staying with the Vikings

The reporter’s brief exchange with Smith started an onslaught of Twitter memes that referenced several other Minnesota “icons” such as Spam, Josh Harnett, and Yung Gravy. Even in these turbulent times, Vikings fans still have a great sense of humor.

The good news for them is that Smith will stay with the team after all — the veteran safety has a record of 85 tackles, five interceptions, and 10 pass breakups in 2022 and will take a much-needed leadership role in the backfield.

With several of his star teammates fired or on the trading block, Smith could have clawed his way out of Minnesota, but he chose instead to cut wages and help the Vikings stay competitive in 2023.

All the rumors and business speculation leading up to his restructured agreement may have dented Smith’s loyalty, but in the end Smith remained resolute and loyal to the organization that re-drafted him in 2012.

Next season, Brian Flores, the Vikings’ new defensive coordinator, will look to improve on a pass defense that ranked last in the league last year, and Smith will pick up right where he left off in his 12th season in the NFL.

Times change, and it’s time for the Vikings to look for something new. Maybe this “something” is a different quarterback….

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