Georgia connection could be simplest Ravens Lamar Jackson replacement

The Baltimore Ravens could recruit former Georgia star Stetson Bennett IV, regardless of whether or not they lose Lamar Jackson in free agency.

Once the Baltimore Ravens hired former Todd Monken away from Georgia to run their offense, rumors of Stetson Bennett IV drafting to Charm City skyrocketed overnight.

Baltimore has yet to decide what it wants to do with its free agent, Lamar Jackson. The Ravens brass used the non-exclusive franchise tag of the 2019 NFL MVP as a way to get other teams to negotiate with him and create a market, so maybe they could match him. Jackson may be traded, but not every team will want to give up a pair of first-round picks to get him, either.

No matter what happens between the Crows and Jackson, Bennett Baltimore feels right.

Stetson Bennett IV could conceivably replace Lamar Jackson at the Baltimore Ravens

look. Bennett is my man. He deserves a statue in Athens for his football services to my alma mater. His story is the equivalent of Court Warner College with then-St. Louis Rams. Bennett is an incredibly polarizing player, and I totally understand that. Still, he knows Monken’s offense like the back of his hand, and Baltimore could, at the very least, use a quality backup like him.

Truthfully, it’s probably serving the Ravens to bring back restricted free agent quarterback Tyler Huntley no matter what. He has shown that he can be a decent player at the highest level in the game. It did well in Utah, but no one outside of Salt Lake saw that coming. If Jackson leaves, re-sign Huntley and recruit Bennett. If Jackson stays, you can re-sign with Huntley and still draft Bennett.

Even if his arrest in Dallas hurt his stock somewhat, Bennett did more good than bad for himself in the NFL last week. He showed he can really spin it and showed great accuracy on the field. We all know he can run and he hasn’t come off as far as people expect him to be in the measurable stuff. Bennett is likely a fourth-round pick and could make it to the second day.

Although Bennett doesn’t have the NFL’s highest cap, he is an intelligent player and competitive as hell. It will make any room a quarterback joins in better when he arrives. Bennett will never have the talent of Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes, but the guy knows how to win and most importantly, get approval from his teammates, almost all alpha males between the ages of 18 and 24.

To be completely honest, Bennett has to go to the right franchise to have any staying power in the league. You said he would be a great candidate to support Mahomes in Kansas City. They play similar enough and Andy Reid is an offensive wizard at head coach. Although John Harbaugh cut his teeth with special teams, the Ravens are a well-run operation and Bennett has perfected the Monken system.

In the end, Bennett removed all doubt that he was recruitable. It’s not for everyone, and that’s fine, but it would fit in for a sweet win in Baltimore, no matter what the Ravens decide to do with Jackson. As long as he trusts Monken and plays Harbaugh, everyone will be accepted. More importantly, they all know who he is from his days as a Georgia star.

It seems almost incomprehensible that crows could pass Bennett seven times.

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