France vs Morocco live online: score, stats & updates | Qatar World Cup 2022

How we got here: Morocco

Now France face Morocco, without a doubt as surprising as a bag of mad otters, nobody would have thought that Walid Regragui’s side would be able to get this far, but here they are! They opened their World Cup 2022 account with a 0-0 against yesterday’s losing side, Croatia   (who knew that result would be so interesting now) before beating Belgium    and Canada   to finish top of Group F. 

Everybody thought that is where the dream would end, as Spain   came next. Ah, Spain, the team of 1,000 knife handles with no blades, tried furiously to pull the neck muscles of the Moroccans as they looked left and right and left again as they followed the passes, the Africans simply had to wait politely until penalties before sending them home. 

Then it was Portugal’s   turn to finally show everyone that they had arrived, albeit slightly Cristiano-less. But don’t worry, Gonçalo Ramos was practically the new Ronaldo, just without the goals, and surely he would – nope. 

Morocco stood firm again and attacked in their brilliant coordination, striking Portugal where they knew they could and taking advantage of a slight error at the back for En Nesyri to make it 1-0. Then they held on well, again, and now look – they’re in the semi-final! 


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