Former teammate begs Steelers to reunite him with Kenny Pickett

Jordan Addison would like to play Kenny Pickett as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The reunion will feel good about former Pitt star Jordan Addison going to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Addison spent last season catching passes from Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams at USC. During the previous year, Addison had done unusual things with Kenny Pickett at Pitt. He brought home Addison Biletnikoff and became a household name in the process. He’s every once in a first-round prospect, but it might be wishful thinking the Steelers drafted former Pitt star.

Then again, you can never put a price on continuity. Just look at the Cincinnati Bengals division.

Here Addison is grinning from ear to ear about the prospects of playing with Pickett in the NFL.

Pittsburgh should go defensive back in the first round, but they could use a wide receiver…

Jordan Addison would love nothing more than to catch balls from Kenny Pickett

Don’t lose sight of the good thing the Bengals are doing in the division. Joe Burrow was a major advocate for moving Ja’Marr Chase to Queen City. He may need better protection to ultimately survive the NFL black and blue, but Cincinnati isn’t going into back-to-back AFC Championship games to take on Patrick Mahomes without picking Chase in 2021.

Given that Pickett appears to be the man for Pittsburgh, the best thing the Steelers can do is put him in positions advantageous to success. He’s not the next Montana Joe like Burrow, but Pickett appears to be a sportier version of Matt Ryan or Jared Goff. Simply put, you could win many games with him as your starting quarterback and maybe make it to the Super Bowl if the stars align?

Truth be told, the Steelers could look to trade Christian Gonzalez from Oregon State or settle for Kelly Ringo from Georgia to bolster their defense. They could also be in line to draft Ringo’s UGA teammate Broderick Jones to fortify their top five. Then again, we know what Pickett-to-Addison can do. This is winning ACC titles. Sure, George Pickens would have fallen.

It’s just wishful thinking, but the Steelers will sink or swim depending on how Pickett plays.

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