Eagles avoid O-line disaster with big decision amid free agency frenzy

Jason Kelsey will return for another season of Philadelphia Eagles football brilliance.

After much thought and deliberation, Jason Kelce wasn’t ready to lock the screws yet.

The future Hall of Fame center will return to the Philadelphia Eagles for another season. The former sixth-round pick from Cincinnati has spent his entire 12-year NFL career in the Brotherly Love City. Kelce is a six-time Pro Bowler, five-time All-Pro and Super Bowl 52 champion. I hope he’s able to lead another Eagles championship parade wearing his mummers.

It will be very difficult for the Eagles to repeat in the NFC, but they have one of the best rosters.

I thought a lot about whether it makes sense to play another season. After speaking with my wife and many friends and family I decided to come back for another year. Thanks to all the supporters and detractors for putting me off, I haven’t done it yet!

— Jason Kelce (@JasonKelce) March 13, 2023

I want him to be happy, but I’m more interested in the Mummers Day parade than anything else.

Jason Kelsey would bring it back again with the Philadelphia Eagles

For now, this has to be a show year after year for Kelce to keep playing. He is in his thirties with a young family. In the end, he will have to focus strictly on father matters, but for now, he has a tournament to win. The Eagles should be on the shortlist of teams that can realistically lift the Lombardi Trophy next February in Las Vegas. It is hard to miss this kind of opportunity.

Then again, aren’t the Eagles seen as a prime regression candidate in some people’s eyes? There is usually one team that has a Super Bowl hangover. Do you think it will be the presidents? More importantly, the Birds have lost both of their star coordinators to their head coaching gigs. Jonathan Gannon handles Arizona duties, while Shane Station heads to Indianapolis.

Regardless, it’s great to see Kelsey able to play out the twilight of his illustrious career on his terms. Most players don’t, let alone former sixth-round picks from Cincinnati who play along the offensive line. Kelsey should never wear another NFL uniform. He would become the most important player in the Eagles’ modern history, along with linebacker Fletcher Cox.

If Kelsey is going to come out on top, you and I know we need a sequel to the Pantomime Day parade.

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