Dolphins: Tyreek Hill has hilarious reaction to Jalen Ramsey trade

Tyreek Hill was one of the first Dolphins players to publicly react to Jalen Ramsey’s trade, using an emoji he may not have used before.

This is the whale the Miami Dolphins have been after: former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jalen Ramsey.

After clearing up a large portion of the cap space in contract restructurings, the Dolphins traded third-tier Hunter Long and 2023 tight end to a Pro Bowl cornerback in a deal that appears to favor Miami over Los Angeles. Third round pick? That’s it? In any case, Ramsey will likely get the long-term contract he wants with the Dolphins, and at least one Dolphins player is very excited to welcome Ramsey to the team.

Tyreek Hill, who allowed his contract to be restructured to save the team $18 million for the cap, posted a sweet message on Twitter revealing how happy he was with the trade.

Practice is going to be crazy now 🥹

— Tay Hill (@cheetah) March 12, 2023

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen Hale use the “puppy eyes watering” emoji, so this might be a first.

Tyreek Hill of the Dolphins is ready to smoke Jalen Ramsey in practice

Just a month prior to the Pro Bowl, then-NFC player Ramsey did a shoulder check near the goal line to try and prevent a touchdown. Hill probably hasn’t forgotten that hit, and you can’t help but wonder if the Dolphins’ practices are going to get a little more uplifted now.

Ramsey, who won the Super Bowl in 2021, has been hanging out on the commercial block for months now and joins a team with more championship-winning drive this season than the Los Angeles “SchoolM Peaks” Rams.

The long-term Los Angeles cornerback will join former All-Pro Xavien Howard on the field; Miami also has potential franchise mainstays in linebacker Bradley Chupp and facing Tyrone Armstead, not to mention Hill, Jaylen Waddle and Toa Tagovailoa who make up their offensive core.

Did Hill ache to see Patrick Mahomes come out and win a ring without him in 2022? maybe. But he will never admit it.

Hill himself has a lot to look forward to in 2023 as Miami aggressively builds a full and talented roster capable of throwing punches at the Kansas City Chiefs and other AFC heavyweights.

The Dolphins are now sitting and waiting for a potential AFC East move that could see Aaron Rodgers join the New York Jets. If it did, that division would be something else.

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