Did Lamar Jackson hint at Ravens contract negotiations on social media?

Lamar Jackson posted a cryptic Instagram story. Is it a hint of negotiations with crows?

It’s franchise deadline day, which means we’re about to find out more about who will be available in NFL free agency and who won’t.

No player is more in focus than Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who had a controversial year of negotiations – or perhaps more accurately, non-negotiations – with the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson wants a guaranteed deal that rivals that of the biggest in the league, and the Ravens don’t want to give him that. Complicating matters is the fact that Jackson is a self-actor.

On deadline morning, he took to Instagram to drop a classic cryptic message:

“Let them judge you. .

While it sounds like a vague message possibly aimed at crows – and though it may be meant to double as that – it’s actually a passage from Scott Stabile’s book.

Stabile wrote Big Love: The Power of Living with a Heart Wide Open and Just Love.

If you want to frame it towards crows, there’s a lot here about self-love and appreciating yourself. Jackson has been doing this all year, and today is the penultimate moment for that. He stands by what he thinks he deserves.

Lamar Jackson’s fate will soon be decided

Crows and Jackson head towards the franchise sign. The real question at this point is whether it will be an exclusive or non-exclusive franchise. The exclusive mark will give the two crows exclusive bargaining power. The non-exclusive tag opens the player to offers from other teams, which the current team, Baltimore, can match.

If they choose not to match, they must pick two first-round picks from the team that bids.

An exclusive label is more expensive, but it gives the team certainty. A non-exclusive tag is cheaper, but creates more vulnerability and allows outside teams to drive up the price.

But maybe that’s what Baltimore wants? They’re clearly not on the same page as Jackson in terms of salary expectations. Letting the market set the price might show either Jackson or the Ravens that they were off base in their negotiating stance.

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