Did Aaron Rodgers retire? Latest rumors on Packers quarterback’s future plans

Packers Aaron Rodgers. (Jed Jacobson/Getty Images)

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Did Aaron Rodgers retire? The Packers quarterback continues to contemplate his future with potential suitors waiting in the wings.

Aaron Rodgers has won a Super Bowl and several MVP awards. He stood atop the NFL in terms of both collegiate and individual accomplishments.

At 39, how long does Rodgers want to play? And who wants to play the rest of the way?

This is a question he’s been pondering since the Packers’ season ended without an playoff berth. He even went to a dark place to think about his options.

Did Aaron Rodgers retire?

No. Not yet, at least.

Rodgers’ decision is still to play or not to play. It really seemed as if he was hesitating at this point. All he has said publicly is that a decision will come “soon enough” and that once he makes up his mind he doesn’t want to go back on it. Basically, he doesn’t want to be Brett Favre.

Rodgers had a touchdown year in 2022. He threw 12 interceptions, recording in double digits in that stat for only the third time in his career. His 3,695 yards were his lowest ever in a full season.

However, he was playing through injuries and the Packers had other problems outside of QB.

If he decides to continue playing, the next question to answer is where.

It became increasingly clear that the Packers were ready to move on from Rodgers. They’re looking forward to seeing what Jordan Love can do for a start.

The Jets and Raiders have been linked with Rodgers via the rumor mill. It’s not clear if Rodgers has preferences on that front or if either team would be willing to walk him out. Green Bay will have to facilitate the trade but they don’t have much leverage.

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