Did Aaron Rodgers retire? Everything Packers QB said on the Pat McAfee Show

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers provides clarity about his future Wednesday on the Pat McAfee show.

Want to know if Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has finally retired? Don’t you want to check out Salad’s interview that is his Wednesday interview with Pat McAfee? We’ve got you covered.

Rodgers jumped on The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET and made it clear from the start that this wasn’t “decision day.”

However, after minutes of rambling about “ghost poo” during the receding darkness and his apparent allegiance toward the Packers franchise, Rodgers announced one thing that will make New York Jets fans jump for joy:

“My intention is to play for the New York Jets.”

Here you are. The deal hasn’t been signed yet, but according to Rodgers’ comments, the Packers quarterback will be a jet setter in 2023.

Everything Aaron Rodgers said about the Packers-Jets trade on The Pat McAfee Show

After weeks of speculation, Rodgers said he actually made up his mind days ago, noting that he senses a shift in the Packers’ mentality from before to after dark recedes.

Apparently, Rodgers was under the impression that Green Bay would welcome him back after he pulled out of seclusion. When he emerged from his cave, rumors flared that the Belters were moving on from him and placing their faith in 2020 Jordan’s first love.

That didn’t sit well with the veteran quarterback, who kept saying (perhaps too often) how he would always love and respect the organization and appreciate everything he’s achieved with the Packers in the last 18 years.

“[The Packers] He wanted to move on. And now I am.”

Had the Packers not publicly moved on from Rodgers during his walkout, would the quarterback have changed his mind? It’s hard to say.

But let’s stop indulging in the gray areas and finally breathe a sigh of relief. The drama appears to be over, for now, and Rodgers has made a long overdue decision about his future.

Aaron Rodgers is on his rumored wish list

The Jets have been preparing to trade Rodgers since the start of the season, recently securing the pieces on rumored Rodgers’ wish list, including Allen Lazard. When asked about his supposed list of demands, Rodgers debunked the whole idea and replied with this instead:

“I have no demands. My only request is transparency.”

says the guy who kept the entire NFL community in the dark for weeks and weeks.

Aaron Rodgers on why the Jets are so attractive

If using Mike LaFleur as a scapegoat means the Jets will get Aaron Rodgers, the franchise doesn’t regret its decision one bit. Rodgers told McAfee that there are several reasons why planes are an attractive destination, one of which being Nathaniel Hackett.

Hackett served as Rodgers’ offensive coordinator for three seasons in Green Bay, and the Jets that hired Hackett to be their 2023 starting quarterback didn’t miss Rodgers once.

Rodgers didn’t specifically drop Hackett’s name on the show, but depending on the context, Hackett’s presence in New York meant a lot to him.

Aaron Rodgers wears #12 in New York

With his imminent arrival in New York, Rodgers noted that he saw what former Jets quarterback Joe Namath had to say about his 12th-place finish.

Rodgers replied:

“There will be time for those talks in the future.”

How excited are you, Jets fans??? !!!

To top it all off, Rodgers also told Adam Shifter to “lose his number” (hilariously confirmed by Shifty) by officially cutting ties with a top NFL reporter. Schefter has been dumped by Rodgers so many times that maybe he should stop leaking information about his QB.

Pat McAfee is his man. Get ready for more “Aaron Tues” next season.

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