Derek Carr’s contract with Saints is a massive middle finger to Raiders

Details of Derek Carr’s contract with the Saints reveal how generous he is to NOLA and how trashy he is in Las Vegas.

Why didn’t Derek Carr agree to a trade with the New Orleans Saints when he was on the Las Vegas Raiders? He wanted to spoil them, that’s why.

On Monday, Carr and the Saints agreed to a four-year, $150 million deal with an average pay of $37.5 million per season. Carr will get $100 million in total guarantees, but the most important part of a Saints franchise contract is hitting his cap: Assuming Carr earns a minimum base salary in 2023 (about $1.2 million) and say, a $30 million signing bonus, he could. The Saints spread that number over several years to narrow Carr’s cap, which came to $7-8 million this season.

Ever the slick quarterback, Carr was able to structure his deal to accommodate the Saints’ cap issues, and he ended up with the same contract he likely was ordered in a deal from Las Vegas to NOLA. In this scenario, though, Carr could move the money around to help out his new team.

Basically, he never had the Raiders’ interests in mind when trying to switch teams this season. After the way Las Vegas unceremoniously knocked him out at the end of the 2022 season, Carr has every right to prioritize himself and the Saints in this next chapter of his career.

More on Derek Carr’s 4-year, $150 million deal.

• It is expected that you will get 60 million dollars for the years 23 and 24.
• That $60 million = fully guaranteed.
• US$10 million more in jackets on the 24th, paid as a bonus on March 25th.
• It is expected that the first 3 years will reach about 100 million dollars.
• A big number in 2026.
• Non-trade clause.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) March 6, 2023

Derek Carr agrees to a team amicus contract with the Saints, and says “fuck you” to the Raiders

Like his old contract with the Raiders, Carr also has a no-trade clause in his Saints contract, which allows him to control his future to some degree.

Given the Saints’ normally respectable organization, it’s hard to imagine that the two sides would have a fallout as bad as Carr’s with the Raiders.

Carr’s relationship with the Raiders started to feel cold once Las Vegas announced that Carr would be leaving the team on sabbatical of sorts at the end of the 2022 season. Then, as Carr was looking his best at the start of the offseason, he turned to ice against the Raiders, refusing a deal that would have been awarded. Las Vegas some compensation.

Assuming the Saints don’t suddenly dump Carr after one season, and as long as Carr maintains his Pro Bowl production level in 2023, everyone gets what they want — except for the Raiders. Carr, who is finally getting a much-needed fresh start, will play warm-weather for a former coach in the league’s weakest league, and will also continue to live rent-free in the heads of Raiders fans this season.

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