Davante Adams’ cryptic IG has fans guessing which QB he won’t talk about

Davant Adams is tired of talking about something, but his cryptic Instagram message doesn’t say if it’s Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Things are definitely happening in the field of Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams this offseason. Not only is his longtime quarterback and fellow Packers player Aaron Rodgers likely to make a move, but his team, which was traded in the most recent offseason, has some big changes at the quarterback position.

Namely, after moving on from Derek Carr — Adams’ friend and former college teammate at Fresno State — the Raiders signed veteran Jimmy Garoppolo to free agency on Monday.

So when Adams took to Instagram Stories on Monday, too, to send a message that, if you haven’t been in touch with him lately, don’t be in contact with him now, there were nearly 40-somethings and two quarterbacks.

Davante Adams posts a cryptic Instagram that clearly doesn’t want to talk about… something?

Admittedly, the “thank you” at the end is the pinnacle of passive-aggressiveness that I’m here all the way for.

But is Davante Adams tired of being asked what Rodgers would do? Is he instead tired of people being questioned about how he feels with Garoppolo now being the quarterback in Las Vegas? Does he receive a lot of spam messages from fake friends? The possibilities are endless.

Odds are this most likely has to do with Garoppolo joining the Raiders as, frankly, the silver and black Adams was apparently traded on the promise that he would join forces with the quarterback from Fresno State. Now he has another veteran entering the building, someone with whom he has no relationship or relationship.

Given how disastrous this season was already in its infancy, though, you have to believe this won’t be the last we hear from Adams.

to update: Adams added some clarity, saying the Instagram Story was only about people looking for the inside scoop. Then he reiterated that he was ready to work with Garoppolo.

Don’t make too much of it…the phone dries up and then here comes everyone trying to get the inside scoop. Annoying shit that’s all. Jimmy let’s have this 💰 👊🏾

– Davant Adams (@tae15adams) March 13, 2023

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