Dak Prescott’s backup is back and that is a great thing for the Cowboys

Cooper Rush returns to the Dallas Cowboys to continue serving as backup to Dak Prescott.

With Cooper Rush returning to the Dallas Cowboys on a two-year deal, Team America will be in good hands should Dak Prescott get injured at any time next season.

Rush could make a lot of money on the open market after going 4-1 in Prescott last season. While he might only be able to go to a crappy team with real hopes of being a starter, Rush read the room well and is back on a team and a place he knows like the back of his hand. With the entire first year warranty on it, it’s good to Rush here.

This move doesn’t take the Cowboys over the top, but it does ensure that they have a high ground.

Dallas plays the NFC East pretty tough, but keep in mind that the teams don’t repeat their division.

Cooper Rush returns with the Dallas Cowboys to continue to serve as backup to Dak Prescott

Even if the Cowboys part ways with former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore at the end of the season, Dallas is still led by an offensive coach in Mike McCarthy. He may be the most trained in this department this season. Honestly, he could, and probably should. He needs to take advantage of Dan Quinn who is still somehow on his team as defensive coordinator at this point.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but Dallas has every reason to believe it can get to the NFC Championship Game with this current rep. Smart money on the Philadelphia Eagles to be the team with a Super Bowl hangover. While the Washington captains may be fun, we have to wonder how close the New York Giants will be to the roof with Daniel Jones.

Ultimately, Rush’s return to Dallas should give Cowboys fans everywhere great confidence that the bottom won’t fall out of the bag for the next two seasons at quarterback. He might catch the fan elsewhere, but it’s hard to see the Cowboys go bad at any point in the next two campaigns. They have a slim Super Bowl window, but right now, you can honestly say they’re open.

Nice job by the Cowboys here to make sure they remain stable as a quarterback.

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