Cryptic Aaron Rodgers tweet only raises more questions

Aaron Rodgers’ tweet Monday night offered no clarity as the Jets and Packers await a decision from their quarterback.

All day long on Monday, NFL fans wanted to hear Aaron Rodgers. When he finally spoke, he confused and angered people even more.

This is what the Packers quarterback tweeted at 10:43 PM ET: “SULLLLLL.”

Two crying with laughter emojis completed an 11-character tweet.

What does Aaron Rodgers tweet mean?

Take your guess as to what Rodgers meant by “SULLLLLL”.

Some on Twitter speculated that he was referring to hero pilot Sully Sullenberger and just missed the “Y.” Sullenberger is known to have landed a plane in the middle of the Hudson River without losing any passengers. And the Hudson River, of course, in New York.

So maybe he’s talking about planes?

The dictionary shows that “Sull” when used as a noun means “plow”. When used as an intransitive verb, it means “to be grim.”

So he might have gotten into cultivation… or he’s just in a bad mood.

At this point, trying to understand Rodgers is more trouble than it’s worth, especially since he’s done his fair share of trolling.

Rodgers will eventually have to make a decision about his future in the NFL, whether it’s to retire, return to Green Bay, or ask for a trade to the Jets.

Fans and the media briefly thought there was a solution to the whole thing earlier Monday, the first day of NFL Free Agency, but it soon gave way to more waiting. Even a Jets receiver has commented on the lengthy process and conflicting reports.

Who knows what will come next as this story continues.

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