Cowboys rumors: 3 Ezekiel Elliott replacements to sign at half the cost

NFL rumours, Ezequiel Elliott #21 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys are expected to release running back Ezekiel Elliott on Wednesday. Barring a surprise comeback, Dallas will be looking for a new backup for Tony Pollard.

Elliott and Pollard go into the 2022 season, but given Zeke walks 3.9 yards per touch, the Cowboys need more of a running back position. Expect Pollard to take over as the leading running back, receiving the majority of the bullshit and proving himself a running back.

Elliott’s producer for Ohio State is set to count more than $16 million against the salary cap. A restructured deal isn’t out of the question if Elliott returns in some capacity, but his YPC suggests his best days are behind him. When Dallas gave Pollard the franchise tag, which will pay him $10.1 million next season, the writing was on hold for Elliott. The Cowboys can’t afford to run a back room at a total cost of over $27 million.

With that in mind, where should Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones go for a cheaper alternative to Elliott’s touch?

Cowboy Rumors: Project Roshon Johnson to replace Ezekiel Elliott

Roschon Johnson was the backup to Began Robinson at Texas, and the homegrown would thrill Dallas fans as a late pick in the NFL Draft. Robinson receives the most hype in Austin, as would be expected from one of the best running backs in the country, but that shouldn’t take away from what Johnson can bring to the table. 105.3 The Fan in Dallas reports that the Cowboys already have some interest, via Bobby Belt:

“The guy they’re interested in in Texas is Began’s assistant, Roshone Johnson. And Roshone Johnson is their prototype (again). A big, tough runner with a full back. He came in at six feet 220 (lbs) in the harvest. Averaged five and a half yards per Carried in Texas while splitting time with Bijan. This is a guy I think they really like.”

Johnson did mention at the NFL Combine that he has yet to meet with the Dallas front office, which could be a smokescreen of sorts. Or, they may be more interested in another available escape.

The NFL Draft is a great place to find affordable running backs, as an entry-level contract is hard to beat.

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