Cowboys rumors: 1 trade, 1 free agent, 1 draft prospect to replace Ezekiel Elliott

Tank Bigsby, Auburn Tiger (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys know Tony Pollard is the RB1 after Ezekiel Elliott was released but they need to replace the veteran and have several options to do so.

While many Dallas Cowboys fans may not have expected the offseason that has happened so far as far as the running back position goes, it has been all the right decisions so far from Jerry Jones and Co. Agency is working on a long term deal. Then came the news that the Cowboys were planning to release Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott will be designated as the post-June 1 quarterback for Dallas in order to provide an additional $6+ million on the salary cap. And while Zeke wasn’t the player the past few years when he was just starting his career, the team now needs to look for someone to fill his offense role as Pollard takes charge atop the depth chart.

Whichever method the Cowboys choose to replace Ezekiel Elliott, it’s sure to be a cost-effective move. However, they can do this in several ways. So let’s take a look at each avenue with the trade, free agent signing, and draft prospect who could replace Zeke in Dallas as Pollard’s complement.

Cowboys rumors: Ezekiel Elliott replaced with one trade, one free agent, one draft prospect

Bigsby tank

RB Auburn Tigers Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys could draft Tank Bigsby on Day 2 or 3 as filling in for Ezekiel Elliott

If you’re thinking the Dallas Cowboys should line up Texas running back Bejan Robinson in the first round, you’re not alone. And honestly, it’s an option that’s probably on the table inside the front office. Given Jerry Jones and the organization’s affinity for running backs, it’s no surprise that they would take on a Lone Star State producer with the level of skill and talent as the former Longhorn.

But going backwards in the first round is not the best course for this team. Not only is it expensive and would make a lot of money for the position, but there are other needs that are more pressing given that Pollard will be the lead on this offense moving forward.

Instead, looking at someone like Auburn Tank producer Bigsby at the end of day two or as early as day three would make a lot of sense. Bigsby isn’t a burner, which he showed at the NFL Combine by running in 4.5 seconds, but he’s a nimble, agile runner with plenty of power and bursts to hit holes and break up tackles.

Bigsby has proven in his college career that he has the ability and frame to turn short-term situations that saw Zeke mostly in timeshares with Pollard while blocking passes well, another strength for Elliott. When you marry the draft value and the player who takes on that specific role, Bigsby will be a perfect fit.

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