Cowboys fans ready to make Super Bowl after Brandin Cooks trade

Brandin Cooks #13 of the Houston Texans runs the field holding an American flag during preliminaries against the New York Jets prior to an NFL game at NRG Stadium on November 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

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The Dallas Cowboys have done something pretty big and been traded for Brandin Chefs far and wide, and it’s no surprise that their fanbase has very strong opinions on the acquisition.

Every year, Dallas Cowboys fans think they’re going to the Super Bowl, and every year, the franchise lets them down. Why should 2023 be any different? Brandin Cooks trade, for starters.

The Houston Texans traded Chefs to the Cowboys for just a fifth-rounder and sixth-rounder, very similar to what ex-Dallas Amari Cooper ordered in his trade to the Browns.

The chefs had ordered a deal a few weeks earlier, and seeing him rock the season wasn’t a surprise. However, seeing him join America’s favorite team, the Cowboys…..

Channel all very early predictions for the Super Bowl. Sure, go ahead and place this +1600 bet on Dallas winning the championship. Just know that the Cowboys will be the Cowboys, and not a single star wide receiver will take away Mike McCarthy’s silly, hilarious hour management.

For die-hard Cowboys fans, the chef trade may make it look like Dallas is going to win it all this year. Time will tell, right? It can go back to the last seconds of any given game. McCarthy knows that all too well.

But to sympathize with the skeptical optimist/hype fanbase audience just for a second, here are some of the best Twitter reactions Dallas might not have choked on in 2023:

Twitter reacts to the Dallas Cowboys trade for superstar WR Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks may be the first player in NFL history to leave $20 million+ dead money with two different franchises.
Rams and Texans.
Cap Hall of Famer salary.

— Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) March 19, 2023

Brandin Cooks has been moved around a lot, but the guys who coached and played with him love him as a player and a man. A fine pickup for Dallas, it should be a nice (if healthy) complement to CeeDee Lamb.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) March 19, 2023

The Cowboys are making profitable moves now. They traded for 29-year-old Brandin Cooks and 32-year-old Stephon Gilmore. Two well-established playmakers in their most important positions of need. It’s an admission of Amari Cooper’s trading blunder and a different approach in the off-season.

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) March 19, 2023

Brandin Cooks is one of the most underrated WRs of the last decade.

Maybe not at all a top center, but six 1,000-yard seasons in nine years. For four different teams, with different levels of QB play.

And as for the cost of two of the 3 day selections? without thinking.

— David Helman (@davidhelman_) March 19, 2023

Cowboys fans will rave at Brandin Cooks only to say it wasn’t enough when they lose in the wild card/second round next year.

— Jamal (@FinessedBuckets) March 19, 2023

Will Dallas be the home of the last chefs? Based on his messy business history, probably not.

For lofty Super Bowl aspirations, Cooks is a consistent, experienced player who can fit well at the receiving corps and should help elevate his passing offense (and stave off any late-game tie at QB). Don’t make it more complicated than that.

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