Cowboys “big thing” could be a star wide receiver other than OBJ

DeAndre Hopkins was heavily flirting with Dallas Cowboys fans on Dez Bryant’s Instagram Live.

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be doing “something big.” It could mean anything, especially Jerry Jones’ knowledge and penchant for storytelling during his appearances to keep fans hooked.

But the Cowboys brand, even if they haven’t won much of anything lately, is still incredibly strong, and the idea of ​​a new star putting a helmet with a star on it is enough to get fans excited.

While most of us think of the “big thing” the Cowboys are headed for, Odell Beckham Jr. , with whom they were closely associated last year but in the end did not agree to an understanding with him, it may be a different receiver they are after.

DeAndre Hopkins named him “The Big Thing”

DeAndre Hopkins appeared to be hanging out with Dez Bryant in the Dallas area on Monday. Bryant, who was live on Instagram, handed the phone over to Hopkins as he instantly got Cowboys fans more excited than they needed to be:

“I keep hearing you guys say my name here. What’s up with you?” Hopkins said, urging Cowboys fans to talk to me.

Hopkins, who is currently under contract with the Cardinals through 2025, hit the trade block according to Bali Sports’ Michael Silver.

Teams need to get their salary cap sheets in order, and fast, so a solution to Hopkins’ story is expected soon. While Cowboys fans will likely hope it’s one of Prescott’s new weapons, it’s hard to imagine this will actually come to fruition. Beckham’s situation has been slow, and that appears to be the pace at which Dallas has moved in terms of future moves. Time is of the essence for Hopkins if it really is available.

More likely the “big move” is Beckham, or simply nothing more than Jones’ word for it.

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