Convincing Aaron Rodgers to get paid millions and win games is an all-day job

There’s no time to sleep when your franchise hasn’t made it to the playoffs in a decade. The Jets wants Aaron Rodgers and spends every waking hour convincing him to come to New York.

The New York Jets’ infatuation with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is getting a little out of control.

On Tuesday, the Jets reportedly flew a private jet to meet with Rodgers in California, and sent their best dogs to negotiate a potentially successful deal. Based on the premise that the Packers have given the Jets permission to talk to their quarterbacks, it’s likely that the trade package framework is already in place.

Woody Johnson, general manager Joe Douglas, coach Robert Salih, and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett were among the Jets’ officers on that plane, spending the entire day flirting with the veteran quarterback.

Jets owner Woody Johnson’s private jet departed from LAX at 11:26 p.m. PT bound for New York after nearly 11 hours in Southern California and one day courting Aaron Rodgers.

— Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) March 8, 2023

Frustrated Jets fans may have their polarizing attitudes toward the New York coaching staff and questionable franchise decisions of years past, but even they can’t deny this fierce commitment. Like stalker Joe Goldberg’s obsessive levels of commitment.

Aaron Rodgers gets the ultimate celebrity treatment from the NY Jets

Did Johnson and others also roll out a red carpet for Rodgers wherever he walked? Did they whisper seductive phrases like, “You can win us in the play-offs”?

With the Jets coaches heading home to the Big Apple to get rid of the stench of despair, they can look back on their day of wooing Rodgers and think to themselves, No matter what happens now, they did their best.

Since the start of the season, it’s no secret that the Packers’ quarterback has been the Jets’ most sought-after linebacker. New York didn’t even attempt to cover up its obsession with Rodgers in 2023, immediately focusing on him as an answer (in the short term, at least) to its quarterback woes.

And wait. New York waited for Rodgers to pass his dark resort, waiting for him so long that Derek Carr felt ignored and took himself out of the running.

After Carr signed with the New Orleans Saints last week, the Jets decided to stop waiting and make a move, traveling thousands of miles and spending hours prospecting for their prized veteran target. If the Jets’ sassy flirtation does indeed work, if Rodgers, a hothead and an unconventional personality, decides he wants to try out a one-year fling with New York, then this chase may be worth it.

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