Cesar Montes, followed closely by Espanyol

Jordi Sunyer of TV3 Televisión de Catalunya told ESPN that the leadership of Espanyol de Barcelona is still interested in Mexican star César Montes and is keeping an eye on him for a prospective contract.

The editor recalled that both teams had talked about the player six months ago, but they were halted because of the exorbitant price Monterrey placed on the player’s head, an offer that the ‘Periquitos’ couldn’t further match.

Furthermore, Jordi Sunyer revealed that he was there at Estadio Montilivi to observe the National Team, primarily Montes. He admitted that for him montes was a very talented player, but did display some shortcomings in one-to-one due to him lacking speed.


Informan diversos medios el interés del Espanyol por César Montes.

Esto va a más, algunos afirman que se ha llegado a un acuerdo para que el mexa llegue después del mundial.

De momento, lo único confirmado es que hay acuerdo con César y oferta en Rayados

— Fernando Esquivel (@fer_esquivel22) November 13, 2022

Espanyol not giving up on Montes

Sunyer also expressed that he is aware that the Catalan leadership is looking at Montes and does not give up its efforts to follow up on the Mexican. Still, he does not know if they will soon launch a new offer that allows Espanyol to sign the player.

Regarding the Mexican team, Sunyer highlighted some players’ qualities. He was struck by the “electricity” of Alexis Vega. However, he also criticized Mexico’s defensive mistakes, noting that the team must avoid them in a competition like the World Cup since they can leave you out of the competition very quickly. He also considered that for both Mexico and Poland, the game between the two teams would be key to advancing to the next qualifying round.

Cesar Montes is poised to be a starter for the Mexican National Team in Qatar at the World Cup. This would be a golden opportunity for the Monterrey defender to showcase his ability and make the European dream possible.

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