As expected, Anthony Richardson is an absolute freak at the combine

Anthony Richardson hops and hops his way to the NFL draft boards.

If you had any reservations about Anthony Richardson entering the top 10, you’d better get over them quickly, because that’s definitely happening now for the former Florida quarterback.

Richardson may have had the ups and downs of Gainesville, but there was no more signal caller in the 2023 NFL Draft than the former Gators star. For better or worse, Richardson has drawn favorable comparisons to former Florida transfer and Auburn legend Cam Newton. While he, too, may have been a project back in 2011, he became a star with the Carolina Panthers.

Fate would have it, the Panthers pick the ninth, just in the right place to recruit Richardson.

He had the size and athleticism, but look at Richardson literally jumping off the gym.

New NFL combined wide jump record for a QB

Richardson set an NFL record for a quarterback in the wide jump with 10 feet 9 inches.

He’ll never have to do that in the NFL, but he undoubtedly has the potential to go over the top.

New NFL combined vertical jump record for a QB

Richardson then set an NFL record for a quarterback with a vertical jump of 40.5 inches.

Again, he would never have to do that in a game, but his athleticism is undeniable at this point.

Frankly, Richardson will likely be either the third or fourth quarterback to come off the board this spring. One would think that Bryce Young of Alabama and C.J. Stroud of Ohio would go ahead of him, while the upcoming film between Kentucky’s Richardson and Will Lives would certainly be moot. Levis, Stroud and Young are ready to play now, while Richardson may need a year or so.

In general, this has always been the case with Richardson. His ceiling is higher than anyone else in the position. I mean, when you draw positive comparisons to Newton, Vince Young and Josh Allen, there’s no telling what he could be like if he went to the right team. Richardson may have great potential for bankruptcy, but if the team can devise the right offense around him, it will be a blast.

Four quarterbacks should make the top 10 this spring, and you’d think Richardson is one of them.

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