Argentina’s Leandro Paredes starts brawl with Netherlands: Best memes and tweets

LUSAIL CITY, QATAR – DECEMBER 09: Virgil Van Dijk of Netherlands clashes with Leandro Paredes of Argentina during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 quarter final match between Netherlands and Argentina at Lusail Stadium on December 09, 2022 in Lusail City, Qatar. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

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At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Netherlands and Argentina got into a pitch brawl in the second half thanks to Leandro Paredes.

Somehow, someway, a play in which seemingly the entire Dutch bench poured onto the pitch only resulted in one yellow card.

An Argentina player, Leandro Paredes, made two controversial tackles — the second of which was called for a foul — and then rocketed the ball into Dutch sideline. It’s unclear whether the Argentinian player knew where he kicked the ball in the moment, but the Dutch players surely took it as such.

The aftermath was stunning to say the least. Rather than back down, or let the official deal with this matter, the Netherlands bench took matters into their own hands. The Oranje rushed out onto the pitch, and Virgil Van Dijk, in particular, left a mark.

World Cup brawl: Leandro Paredes starts a fight

Leandro Paredes acted out wildly, making two controversial tackles in a row and then lining the ball into the Oranje bench area. The Dutch players did not take kindly to that series of events, and weren’t about to sit back and let the officials take care of matters.

Paredes was not given a red card for his mistake, and neither were any of the Netherlands players who ran onto the pitch. Virgil Van Dijk was the first to arrive at Paredes, and he made the Argentinian player pay for his flaw in judgement.

Leandro Paredes very lucky to escape with just a yellow. Reckless challenge on Nathan Ake before booting the ball at the Netherlands bench.🌶

— Ben Jacobs (@JacobsBen) December 9, 2022

Should be a red for Paredes, no doubt. First for the tackle, second for the strike against the bench.

— Eduardo Hagn (@EduardoHagn) December 9, 2022

HERE WE GO. Brawl. After the whistle for a foul, Paredes smashes the ball into the Dutch bench and they of course, react. Please someone send me a video of Van Dijk turn himself into the Hulk.

— Luis Miguel Echegaray (@lmechegaray) December 9, 2022

There were many more where that came from.

Paredes actions distracted from what had been a terrific match thus far. Lionel Messi contributed a goal and an assist for the first two goals of the game for Argentina. The Netherland bounced back with a goal of their own, and suddenly had a little extra motivation thanks to Paredes.

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