Argentina vs Croatia live online: score, stats & updates | Qatar World Cup 2022

Player to watch: Argentina

Well, it’s Lionel Messi, isn’t it. 

Arguably the greatest player ever to slip on a pair of football boots, the forward has carried his team through muddy moments so far this tournament and will be looking to do it again to get his team to the final. 

What can we say that has not already been said about this man?

Just look at the pass to Molina in the last game: he allowed the rest of the world to rotate around when he stayed still, opening a gap without looking – he probably doesn’t use his eyes like us mortals do – and fired in a perfectly weighted pass to set up the first goal of the game. 

He makes moments like that seem normal; statistics have been ruined by Messi as numbers have ceased to work to compare players, now coming with their own asterisk or sepearte note at the bottom (*Messi not included) because he tops everything except saves made. 


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