Aaron Rodgers rumors: 3 players to package in Jets, Packers trade

Aaron Rodgers, David Bakhtiari. (Photo by Dylan Boyle/Getty Images)

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner has revealed that Aaron Rodgers’ trade will include “package deals.” So which players should be part of the package?

Every passing hour seems to offer another wrinkle for the looming Aaron Rodgers trade that will send the Packers’ quarterback to the New York Jets. The deal isn’t official yet, but the teaser seems to indicate it will happen soon. And one of Rodgers’ potential new teammates, Seuss Gardner, seemed to have dropped some key details.

During Thursday night’s Twitch broadcast, Gardner said “they’re package deals all over the place,” noting that he “can’t tell you all.” This seems to indicate that it’s not just draft picks involved in this potential trade and that players could be on the move other than Rodgers as well.

Who are these players?

Gardner obviously couldn’t tell, but there are at least three players who will have a lot of plausibility as part of Aaron Rodgers’ trade between the Jets and Packers when it officially goes down.

Aaron Rodgers rumors: 3 players who should be part of the Jets and Packers trade


David Bakhtiari

extra time Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

The Jets could try poaching Packers David Bakhtiari in trade for Aaron Rodgers

Earlier in the week when everyone was starting to wonder what could hold up Aaron Rodgers’ trade, Packers insider Matt Schneidman of The Athletic brought up the possibility that the Jets could try to get veteran offensive tackle — and friend Rodgers, in particular — David Bakhtiari as part of the trade package. A future quarterback in the Hall of Fame.

New York has invested heavily in the offensive line in recent years, but is now in a tough spot in 2023. Mekhi Becton has been a bit injury-prone and unreliable, Duane Brown is retiring, and George Fant is slated to hit free agency. This leaves the team very vulnerable at the point of intervention.

Thus, trying to get Bakhtiari into the building could make a lot of sense. Having said that, it doesn’t come without a slight designation of aircraft buyer caution. Bakhtiari has struggled to stay healthy over the past two seasons, which is something to keep in mind. When he’s on the field during that period, he’s still elite, which might make it worth the risk.

If the Jets are going all-in on the Aaron Rodgers deal, it only makes sense that they’re doing everything they can to make sure the quarterback is in the best position to succeed. They have great young talent in their reception but the offensive line, as mentioned, needs some support. Bringing in Bakhtiari in the deal will help make that happen as well as make Rodgers feel more comfortable.

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