Aaron Rodgers gives Jordan Love his strong blessing with Packers exit looming

A bright new era awaits Jordan Love after Aaron Rodgers announced his intention to play for the New York Jets in the 2023 season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a lot of things — cactus levels of prickly, skittish, rough around the edges, passionate about Bears ownership, hates the media, just plain weird — but he’s also a classy guy, and he’s made sure to give his blessing to Jordan Love as he prepares to move on from His beloved franchise.

How much does Rodgers love Green Bay? He said it in every other sentence on his Wednesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, and despite Rodgers hinting that the Packers moved on from him first, he has a great deal of respect and appreciation for the organization.

It was his first and only home, and it’s the home of Jordan’s love now.

Passing the flaming torch into the hands of 2020 number one Jordan Love is definitely a great way for Rodgers to go and should earn the veteran quarterback some karmic brownie points.

Rodgers is preparing to start the next chapter of his career in New York and hopes Love will do the same in Green Bay, calling his successor a “great player” and “great kid” on The Pat McAfee Show.

Aaron Rodgers has all the confidence the world has in love with Jordan.

“Jordan is going to be a great player. He’s an amazing kid… He has a bright future ahead of him.”

— Eli Berkowitz (@BookOfEli_NFL) March 15, 2023

One cannot ignore the similarities between Love’s early career with the beginning of the Packers’ career and Rodgers’ with the Packers: Love played behind Rodgers for three seasons, just as Rodgers played behind Brett Favre for three seasons.

Aaron Rodgers passes the torch to Jordan Love before the Packers’ impending trade

Rodgers continues to follow in Favre’s footsteps by making the collegiate leap to the Jets, and now Love will take over Matt LaFleur’s offense with solid endorsements from Rodgers himself, moral support from his Packers teammates, and utmost confidence from the franchise.

Love’s third year in the league was a bit of a sampler, but it was clearly all Packers players needed to see. In a late-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Love replaced an injured Rodgers in the fourth quarter throwing for 113 yards and one touchdown, ultimately losing the game.

Still, the Utah product has appeared comfortable in the pocket and capable of accurate throws and quick decisions, giving Packers coaches a solid foundation to continue forming in 2023 and beyond.

With Rodgers out and Love in, the Packers offense may revert to more of the LaFleur-ian principles of going to center and planning more action. In 2022, the offense got away with it when Rodgers pushed things into his own gear, but in the case of Love, these kinds of schematic changes will make his life easier and provide him with a set of training wheels while the young signal-caller develops his abilities. The ability to read the field.

Put it this way, if the Packers didn’t think Love was the guy for the job, they wouldn’t have willingly left Rodgers.

Love now carries the enormous burden of making his way past Rodgers and Favre’s 30-season haul of Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks, a near-impossible feat for anyone to follow. At least Love can invite his family to watch his Lambeau games—a little silver lining for a kid who’s ready to make his dreams come true.

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