5 players fantasy football owners should hope are traded this offseason

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With the NFL offseason action frenzy looming, fantasy football owners have to hope these five men get traded.

The 2023 NFL-free agency “rigger period” begins in less than a week at this writing, and some deals will certainly be nested in that. Fantasy football owners will monitor all activity to focus on how a new landing spot will affect the player, positively or negatively. The April Draft will also have a say when all is said and done.

As teams’ statuses change, many players will be positively affected by joining a new team. Fantasy owners may watch some, hoping that they will be traded in a better position. Some may simply need a change of scenery to reach their full potential.

Attitude and talent, plus opportunity = fictional value.

With a focus strictly on trades, fantasy football owners must hope these five players get traded in the off-season.

Note: Data usage from Fantasy Pros and Pro Football Reference unless otherwise noted.

5 players fantasy football owners have to hope can be traded off-season

5. Jerry Goody, WR, Denver Broncos

You could say Jeudy caught a third year break in 2022, with career bests all-around (67 catches for 972 yards and six touchdowns). But he needed a solid extended run to finish the season as a top 20-25 fantasy receiver, depending on whether he goes through Week 17 or Week 18.

The Broncos may be reluctant to trade Jody, given he’s approaching his 24th birthday in April. But he’s stuck dealing with Russell Wilson’s shell below center, and even with the promise of an extended tour last year, new coach Sean Payton can only do so much to repair Wilson’s eroding skill set.

There is little chance of that happening. But those of us who thought Jody would finally be fully opened up by a good quarterback last year were left holding the bag for much of the season. Any lingering believer in Jody’s fantasy potential heading into 2023 should want to trade, with some teams favored over others.

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