4 teams that should sign Lamar Jackson with Falcons bowing out

Lamar Jackson (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson could negotiate with NFL teams after being hit with the non-exclusive franchise tag by the Ravens. The Hawks are out, but who should it be?

If there was a team that would catch Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens this offseason, many assumed it would be the Atlanta Falcons. So when the former NFL MVP was handed the non-exclusive franchise tag, which allows a quarterback to negotiate with other teams and potentially be on the move if the Ravens don’t match up, all eyes turned to Fulton County.

But the Hawks aren’t into Lamar Jackson. Neither the Raiders, the Panthers, nor the Chiefs, three other teams were in need of a quarterback, according to numerous reports. So who do you leave?

It’s going to be expensive, but maybe the price of two first-round picks — the cost of signing a player to the non-exclusive tag when a team doesn’t match contract — and a new deal will be worth it for those four teams. In fact, it sure is.

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Lamar Jackson rumours: 4 teams must sign QB for 2 first-round picks


New England Patriots

Asian Football Confederation east New England Patriots

Give Bill Belichick the QB award he’s always wanted with Patriots Lamar Jackson game

The longer the upset season continues, the more it begins to seem that the Patriots may not be satisfied with the quarterback position as Mack Jones is set to enter his third season in the NFL. There have been numerous rumors circulating that the former first-round pick could be traded in the off-season amid other reports that Jones wasn’t exactly the ideal captain for New England’s offense.

Even if the Patriots don’t have plans to transfer from Mack Jones, though, the prospect of landing Lamar Jackson could trade that off.

When Jackson fell at the end of the first round in his class before the Ravens moved on and ended his fall, the Patriots were the team people kept rallying around for the proper. Bill Belichick has worked with immobile pocket passers for most of his career, but the grumble has always been there that he’d like to get more creative with the quarterback. No one does that more than Jackson does with his unique skills.

Now, to be sure, the Patriots can use their first-round picks for the next two years to power up the rest of the offense. But if the team doesn’t have an answer at quarterback, they don’t have anything. Jackson is an upgrade over Jones, without a doubt. So it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see New England at least do some homework if they can make a deal for the quarterback.

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