3 teams that should scoop Adam Thielen up after Vikings release

Adam Thieln, Minnesota Vikings. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

The Minnesota Vikings have moved on from longtime All-Star wide receiver Adam Thielen.

Minnesota Vikings, how can you not be this Thelin after all this time together, y’all?

Shockingly, the Vikings released their original son in ex-Skull’s brother Adam Thelin. While he’s good enough to be a huge piece on some other team’s receiving team, news of the Vikings running back on Thielen is still pretty disturbing. The man lived and breathed purple and gold. Now, he must travel to another city, almost certainly a warmer one, to find a new job.

If it’s not Sarah MacLachlan’s tears streaming down your face, you’re not human.

So… let’s put Thielen in a new NFL franchise after the fate of the Vikings fails this time around again.

Adam Thielen released: 3 new teams for the former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver


Green Bay Packers

NFC north Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers probably have a better feel for Thielen than any other team

One way or another, the Green Bay Packers need to improve their receiving corps. They have talented young talent on their roster, but they could use a veteran pass catcher to help out even things that aren’t called Randall Cobb. Aaron Rodgers may be tough with Cobb, but he’s only in Green Bay as long as Rodgers wants to play there. Even with Jordan Love, packers might want Thielen.

No matter what happens in the latest epic saga known as The Chronicles of Aaron Rodgers, it still serves Matt LaFleur and the boys to come out and win matches anyway. He may have a penchant for pounding the rock, but he’d have to put his faith in love if Rodgers wasn’t for long in Green Bay. The best way to bring in the love is to add a veteran and reliable wide receiver like Thielen.

In truth, Thielen probably fits what the Packers are trying to do offensively, regardless of the team’s long-term plans at quarterback. He can help bring Love in, as well as help Rodgers get that weak team over the top and finally get back to the Super Bowl. Thielen is well rounded around the ball, which makes him very fit to play in a place like Green Bay. He is used to the cold.

Thelen swapped purple for green and doing the opposite Greg Jennings would be interesting.

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